Anonymous: Fav pics of meredith and cristina?

These have to be my absolute favorites:


hannamarcantel: where can I watch season 10 for free??

There are several ways/places, the first one I go to works and you can re-watch all episodes, because this site has season 1-10 and is always free. The second link is to the abc website and they typically do not have all of season 10 on there, but they do have some of the more recent episodes of season 10. Here they are:

Also, if you know how to I have been told that if you jailbreak your iPod/iPad/iPhone there is and app called “movie box” that has every episode and for android devices you wouldn’t have to jailbreak and there is an app called “show box” that has all the episodes. If all else fails you might have to resort to buying the episodes on iTunes or buying the DVD, which came out in September.

Whether you like him for his name, smile, or all around personality and pretty-little-rich-boy loveableness, then you obviously have a weak spot for Jackson Avery. For a character that is severely underrated and misunderstood by a big part of the fandom, not to mention that he often gets crapped on by the other characters on the show, he somehow always manages to push through and prevail.

Yes, he’s hurt people, and yes, you know you would love him by your bedside if you were sick, but he’s also so underappreciated by this fandom that it feels important to dedicate one week of our time to this father-to-be (and to his eyes and million-dollar hands, of course).

For this, I invite you to join Jackson Avery Appreciation Week.

The following themes will be as follows:

  • DAY ONE | July 28th » favourite moment(s)
  • DAY TWO | July 29th» favourite quote(s)
  • DAY THREE | July 30th » favourite friend/relationship(s)
  • DAY FOUR | July 31st » favourite episode(s)
  • DAY FIVE | August 1st » most heartbreaking moment(s)
  • DAY SIX | August 2nd » moment he became (one of) your favourite(s)
  • DAY SEVEN | August 3rd » free choice

Please join in and show your appreciation for Jackson a little bit more than you might already do, and spread the word so that more people do as well!

The official tags for this week will be #averyweek and #jackson avery.

Thank you, and spread the word!

Alex Karev is the perfect representation of a character who may come across as a jerk until you reach beneath his exterior and find that he is a truly caring person to those close to him. He loves, and laughs, and makes jokes that can sometimes come off as mean but we know deep down that he’s a sweeheart.

This pediatric surgeon deserves a little more love than he already gets, so we need to hold a special week dedicated to this kickass yet loving teaser; Alex Karev Appreciation Week.

The following themes will be as follows:

  • DAY ONE | August 4th » favourite quote(s)
  • DAY TWO | August 5th» favourite relationship(s)/friendship(s)
  • DAY THREE | August 6th » favourite moment(s)
  • DAY FOUR | August 7th » favourite outfits
  • DAY FIVE | August 8th » favourite season
  • DAY SIX | August 9th » moment he became (one of) your favourite(s)
  • DAY SEVEN | August 10th » free choice

Please join in and show your love and appreciation for Alex a bit more by showcasing your edits, gifs, text posts, etc.

The official tags for this week will be #karevweek and #alex karev.

Thank you, and spread the word!

Get Ready #GreysAnatomy is Coming Back September 25th at 8/7c!!!

Guess my top 10 OTPs (in no order)


Today is National Tequila Day. Cheers!


Ed Sheeran || All The Stars    Kodaline || All I Want

If you actually listen to the lyrics of the songs on The Fault In Our Stars Album it will seriously fuck you up:

  • Kodaline- All I Want

-       “When you said your last goodbye I died a little bit inside. I lay in tears and their all mine. Alone without you by my side”

-       The Pre-Funeral was his last goodbye, where she stood up and gave        her eulogy and cried.

  • Ed Sheeran- All the Stars

-       “Your on the other side as the skyline splits in two, miles away from seeing you. I can see the stars from America; I wonder do you see them to? So open your eyes and see the way our horizons meet.”

-       The lyrics mean that where the horizon meets is where heaven meets earth and Augustus meets Hazel. She looks at stars and sees him, but does he see the same star from the afterlife where he is?

Anonymous: I feel like Alex and Jo should have a boy before a girl because then Alex would REALLY be used to boys and having a girl would make him so nervous but that would be his baby girl to protect forever. Plus having a girl after a boy (or 2) would make her the little baby princess! idk I would just love that

Either way…You really can’t go wrong with a Jolex baby. It will be the ultimate of cuteness.

So Tumblr has started turning some of my GIF’s into JPEG’s. Does anyone know how to fix/stop this, help?!?!?